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Smart Metering

Controllable proportion of your operating costs
smart meteringIn business, you already know that energy represents a controllable proportion of your operating costs – and that more efficient and effective management of your energy use will help you increase your profits and gain a competitive edge. To achieve that goal, it is vital to understand your energy consumption accurately, to manage what you use better and as a result, to control the amount you spend

A smart meter can save you both time and the hassle of bill disputes: by getting one installed, you can say goodbye to manual meter readings and estimated bills, avoiding either over or underpaying and the unpleasant shock of a back bill.

But most importantly, a smart meter gives you detailed information on your business’ energy use: and having a visibility of what you’re spending can help you drive greater energy efficiency within your company.

Having access to your energy use data in near real time (whether through a hand-held digital display or an online portal) is the first step to identifying energy use patterns and pinpointing unnecessary wastage.

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